Dear Dana,

Merry Christmas, and thank you! We gave our boys their boats today, and they loved them. They had to take a bath and try out their new boats. I’m very happy with them. Also, wanted to add that my niece loved her boat! I’m expecting another niece in April, and I plan on getting a baby boat for her. Charlie has informed me that he wants to collect the boats now. Here is a picture of my boys and their boats. Thank you again, and happy holidays!

Riley’s Boat

You know, life’s funny. My father-in-law passed away this morning in Florida. My husband has been there all week, and I’ve been in Toronto with the children. It was just such a hard day, and I was feeling so low when the doorbell rang, and it was Riley’s boat. It might sound silly, but it really raised my spirits to see its bright colours and think of the brand new baby who will be receiving it. The circle of life and all that… Anyway, just wanted you to know.


Hi Dana,

We finally opened Henry’s bath boat on Sunday at his birthday party. I’ve exercised patience and had left it up on the shelf of the closet, unopened, until the big day. It is wonderful and we’ve already had 2 tubs with it!! Big brother George sleeps with both boats. Thanks for the new sail for George as well…very thoughtful of you!

All the best,

Dana, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Craig & Sandra LOVED Max’s boat! Eveyone I’ve ever sent them to love them, but it seems that about 1 in every 4 recipients go absolutely ballistic, and that was Craig. He left me a 5 minute voicemail gushing about how it was the greatest baby gift they every could have possibly imagined. It was quite funny, I should have saved it for you to make an audio testimonial.

Thanks again,

I’m a hero. Everybody loves it. I think I even want one. Great work!

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