Dana —

Thanks for the beautiful bath boat for Hazel. Looks great!

As you can see, the girls are very pleased with them.


Perrie, Arden Hills, Minnesota

Dana — Here are the long overdue photos of our kids with their bath boats. Simon & Max loved their personalized boats for their birthdays. They are very proud, as you can tell. Paige, who is now 6, got her boat as a toddler when we visited the Renaissance Festival.

Thanks again for the time and talents you put into creating these works of art. We will be purchasing more in the future as gifts. I can't think of another gift that is as cherished as these one-of-a-kind bath boats. Kids never tire of them, they don't wear out and they are as beautiful as they are functional. God bless you and yours this holiday season!

— The Kamins, Shakopee, Minn.

Hello Dana,

Pictured is my 12 year old son Tony with his bath boat collection.  We have been buying the boats since 1995 and now have a total of 17 bath boats.  Tony is holding 2 older ones from 1986 and 1989...that we adopted (rescued) off e-bay.

I have also had a few "specialty" ones made (waterskiing, fishing, band-music) for my son and also some personalized baby ones to give as gifts as these are THE GREATEST!

Kathy Newman, South Dakota

Hi Dana!

This email is LONG over due! My wonderful Aunt Helen, gave my daughter, Quinlyn, one of your amazing bath boats, when she was just 3 months old, and now she is 13 months old!

I was born and raised in Minneapolis, but have been living in Canada since I married my husband, André, in 2003. Helen prides herself on supporting not only artists, but local artists, so it was no surprise to me that when I to looked up your website, I found you are from Minnesota. (Great move putting your website address ON the boats).

I just ordered the first bath boat that I will be giving as a gift. It is going to my long time friends, Patty & Dominic, who live in Minneapolis, for their little boy who they are expecting in August. If Quin's delight in your beautiful little work of art is any indication, their son will have hours of fun with his.

PS I thought you might like to know that our little boat has already been from Minnesota, to Wakefield, Quebec, to Canmore, Alberta, and now to Banff, Alberta. We plan to stay in Banff, so if you are ever in the area, please let us know. Would love to meet the creator of these incredible, unsinkable crafts... and can give you some leads on some shops here that would sell them like hot cakes... Attached are some photos of Quin with her boat!

Thank you again! Tiffany, André, & Quinlyn

Happy Holidays guys,

Owen just wanted to show you how much he loves his boats. He baths with them almost every night! So thank you for the bath time fun!!
I hope you all are doing well.

Lonnie, Tiffany, Owen and Baby #2 on way (April 14)!!!
Feb. 12, 2008

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