Q. Do the boats float?
A. Yes. We made our first boats in 1971. Those boats still float just as they did the first day they were launched.


Q. For what age child are these boats appropriate?
A. They are often purchased for baby showers, as well as for older children, with a more age-appropriate design. The boats also make a one-of-a-kind shower gift. In addition, we make many boats for weddings and for retirement parties. Anyone who takes a bath will appreciate the company of a bath boat.


Q. How long DO they last?
A. They will last a long, long time. We could tell you stories. Just keep your boat away from the puppy.


Child-safe toy finish

Q. Are they child-safe?
A. Yes. Our paints conform to ASTM D-4236 standards. The Minnesota-grown wood we use is, well, organic. We comply with the 2009 Consumer Product Safety Commission Lead Test law. We will send you a copy if you wish.


Q. Can I order a special boat for a birth or a wedding or for a special occasion?
A. Of course! Read more about our Custom bath boats


Q. How secure is my credit card information when I place an order on-line?
A. Every Shopify store has an industry standard 128 Bit SSL encrypted checkout to protect private data. Shopify ensures that your information and your order data is hidden from prying eyes both during and after transactions.


*Q. Are these boats available from anyone else?
A. No, all our designs are protected by US copyright laws.


Q. How do you choose your wood?

Forest Products Certification

A. All our wood is harvested according to Forest Steward standards. We work with a sawyer who selects only trees that are ready to harvest and leaves the surrounding area undisturbed. We haven't been to a lumberyard in 20 years.